Don’t let hardware hold you back; unleash the power of your imagination. Sometimes an idea is so original, it requires a device of it’s own. Our team can help from the ideation phase, to the creation of fully validated, production ready designs and firmware. Let’s work together to create something completely new and incredible.

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Application Specific Hardware – Interfacing with custom hardware can enhance the user experience of almost any application; Lighting control modules can create an immersive ambiance, user interactions can be extended beyond touch screen and mouse, and robotics can turn a simple, two-dimensional, on-screen application, into a one of a kind, animatronic marvel. Let’s dream big together. Our team can turn your outside-the-box thinking into an incredible experience people will never forget.

Standalone Hardware Solutions – People can’t use their mobile devices and desktop computers for everything; in which case, a dedicated piece of hardware can be the solution. We can investigate the technical feasibility, work through product design, build prototypes, and validate against the product requirements; ensuring that your idea is fully tested before production.

Bluetooth & Wi-Fi Peripherals
  • Audio/Video Transfer
  • User Input/Data Acquisition
  • Mobile Telephony
Automotive & Marine
  • Electric Vehicle Components
  • Custom Control Modules
  • Mobile Device Integration
Consumer Electronics
  • Handheld/Small Electronics
  • Smart Home Technologies
  • Much More…