Digital experiences are popping up everywhere; in travel, retail, entertainment, and more, and it’s no surprise that people are embracing them. Kiosks and digital signs are available to users any time they need, providing helpful services quickly and predictably, and sometimes providing a bit of entertainment. Everything from checking in for a flight to viewing a wedding registry has become completely automated through the use of well-designed touch experiences. Self help movie rental kiosks have nearly replaced video rental stores altogether, and even buying groceries at most stores can be done using a checkout kiosk.

So what makes a great kiosk or digital sign? The question is more complex than most people think, and usually begins with defining the purpose of the experience. While some experiences are designed for entertainment purposes, others are more utilitarian in nature, and require thoughtful design and thorough usability testing. A self-help kiosk, for instance, needs a user interface that explains each step clearly, while getting the user to what they need quickly. This is easy to say, but challenging to pull off, considering that it may be the first time a user has seen the interface.

We not only have the experience to design and develop great interactive kiosks and digital signs, we know what questions to ask, to ensure you get the results that you are looking for. We understand that the end user will ultimately determine whether or not the experience is a success, so we design, perform usability studies, refine, and repeat. It’s a process that we encourage active participation from our clients, and it’s something our team enjoys.