Windows 8 is unlike any previous version of Windows. It is the only operating system that is optimized for touch, but is still mouse and keyboard friendly. It has sparked a revolution among hardware manufacturers who are creating a new breed of laptops that also double as tablets, causing people to think twice about their PCs.

Because Windows 8 can be installed on just about any PC, developing Windows Store Applications requires not only an understanding of the platform, but also intimate knowledge of the devices apps can be installed on. Our team had been working with Windows 8 for almost a full year before it was released to the general public, and has attended several training seminars to understand the unique design considerations required to create an incredible Windows Store App experience. We know Windows Store App design.

Understanding the design language is just the beginning; our development team can optimize your app to run on any Windows 8 device. Performance is probably one of the most important consideration of any application, and there are several devices including Microsoft’s own Surface RT, that require special attention with regards to processing capability and RAM specifications. This doesn’t mean that your app’s functionality should be limited. It means that the development needs to be well planned and tested against performance benchmarks throughout the entire process; something that we do with every development effort. We know Windows Store App development.