Software Development

Whether you need an application built from the ground up, or an existing application updated, we can help. Our team consists of talented software developers, visual designers, information architects, and project managers, that will formulate and execute a development plan, to meet your specifications, and exceed your expectations.

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Concept Development – Got a great idea for an application? We can help turn that idea into a reality. Let our team help explore the possibilities and analyze the technical feasibility, to create a strong foundation for a successful experience.

Information Architecture – Navigating through an application is something users seldom think about, but it can make the difference between a good application, and a great one. We craft experiences that are intuitive, seamless, and engaging. From mouse to multi-touch, we’ve done it all, and do it well.

User Interface Design – The look and feel of an application is something that everyone notices, and in some cases, can be the most notable feature. Outstanding design starts with creative people, but designing within the ever-changing confines of digital platforms, requires creative genius. We have the genius you’re looking for.

Prototyping – Sometimes the only way to be sure, is just giving it a try. Rapid prototyping and Proof-of-Concept is something that we have mastered; our results driven, scientific process, achieves defined objectives efficiently, saving time and yielding the most useful information.

Usability studies – Great user interfaces don’t happen accidentally, they are deliberately planned and meticulously refined. We select test subjects from targeted demographic groups, analyze how they interact with digital interfaces, and apply what we learn to improve usability.

Development – Multi-platform, any form factor. Our developers have extensive experience with development, on a wide array of operating systems and hardware. We pride ourselves in reliable, predictable software, that is well documented and can be easily maintained.

Maintenance – Enhancements, bug fixes, and refinements, are just a few reasons applications are updated during their normal lifespan. We believe that after launch, support is a key factor in the success of any digital experience. We can support applications we developed, and ones developed by other agencies.

Phone & Tablet
  • iPhone/iPad Apps
  • Windows Store Apps
  • Windows Phone Apps
Desktop & Web
  • Mac OSX Applications
  • Windows Desktop Applications
  • Web Apps (LAMP,, more)
Kiosk & Retail
  • Custom Kiosk Solutions
  • Interactive Digital Signage
  • Cloud Services (AWS, Azure, etc.)
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Hardware Development and Integration

Don’t let hardware hold you back; unleash the power of your imagination. Sometimes an idea is so original, it requires a device of it’s own. Our team can help from the ideation phase, to the creation of fully validated, production ready designs and firmware. Let’s work together to create something completely new and incredible.

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Application Specific Hardware – Interfacing with custom hardware can enhance the user experience of almost any application; Lighting control modules can create an immersive ambiance, user interactions can be extended beyond touch screen and mouse, and robotics can turn a simple, two-dimensional, on-screen application, into a one of a kind, animatronic marvel. Let’s dream big together. Our team can turn your outside-the-box thinking into an incredible experience people will never forget.

Standalone Hardware Solutions – People can’t use their mobile devices and desktop computers for everything; in which case, a dedicated piece of hardware can be the solution. We can investigate the technical feasibility, work through product design, build prototypes, and validate against the product requirements; ensuring that your idea is fully tested before production.

Bluetooth & Wi-Fi Peripherals
  • Audio/Video Transfer
  • User Input/Data Acquisition
  • Mobile Telephony
Automotive & Marine
  • Electric Vehicle Components
  • Custom Control Modules
  • Mobile Device Integration
Consumer Electronics
  • Handheld/Small Electronics
  • Smart Home Technologies
  • Much More…
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Application Porting

Expanding your application’s digital footprint has never been easier. Our team can analyze your existing application and develop a new, custom experience, built specifically for another platform. Every platform has unique requirements, and our team has the experience to simplify the process, while taking advantage of the original development efforts where possible.

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iOS to Windows 8 – With millions of Windows 8 users clamoring for apps, great experiences created for Microsoft’s newest platform, are catapulted to notoriety almost instantly. We are experts in both iOS and Windows Store App design and development, and can turn your existing iOS application into an outstanding Windows Store App.

iPhone to Windows Phone – The new Windows Phone mobile devices showcase some amazing features not available on iOS; Live Tiles, Sky Drive integration, and NFC capabilities, just to name a few. Development and design for Windows Phone requires special consideration and knowledge that our team has gained through years of experience. We can use that know-how to bring your iPhone app to the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Universal iOS Apps – Universal App Packages are applications that feature separate user interfaces optimized for both iPhone and iPad. Many applications are designed specifically for just iPhone but not iPad, and vice versa. We can take your existing source code, and create two fully customized experiences, that leverage the unique features of both iOS platforms, in a single application.

About Application Porting

The successful porting of an existing application to a new platform, is a process that takes careful planning, and an in depth understanding of the target OS. There are some 3rd party utilities that claim to port applications in just a few simple steps; the end result, in our experience, is either a total failure, or an application not optimized for performance and other platform considerations.

So how can the highest level of quality be achieved when porting an application, while still reducing development time? Analyzing the original project, determining which components are candidates for reuse, and utilizing them in the development of the new application; saves time, helps maintain consistency, and results in a fully optimized application built to the standards of the new platform.

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